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Years of hard work on English grammar hasn’t been quite fruitful for majority of Indians as they still lack proficiency in Spoken English. The hassle of translation kills their spontaneity and leaves them with no choice but to switch to Hindi. With this shaken confidence they face hardships at every important phase of their life, be it social gathering, seminars, stage presentation and interviews.

This psychologically designed course helps students get rid of this fear and unleash their potential to the world. During the course a student is trained not only for English communication but for overall development.

Some insights into the course:-

  • Grammatically correct but translation free English.
  • Vocabulary building
  • Stage presentation skills.
  • Personality development
  • Confidence building sessions.
  • Correct pronunciations.
  • Audio visual aids to make learning interesting.
  • Interview skills.
  • Daily conversation on real life situations.
  • Role plays.
  • Group discussions.
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Idioms & proverbs


Role Plays
Complete The Story
Rapid Fire
Picture Description
Just a Minute Sessions

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