About Us

About Us

ACE (ApTalk centre for English) is known for its off beat style of teaching. A feature that distinguishes ACE from others is the psychological approach to the curriculum that helps students attain proficiency in English without the hassle of translation. Ace teaches you communication with impeccable presentation of English language with all correct pronunciation, diction and modulation.

When one thinks of learning Spoken English, a plethora of names spring to mind. What makes ACE stand out is its specially designed course which trains a student in English Communication as naturally as we were trained in our native language.

ACE has risen as the strongest competitor among its rivals in this industry and is offering its limitless services in a stream of language courses.

The world has become an international village and to enter this global market, you need to have a firm control over global language. Having strong English communication definitely gives you an edge over others and enables you to enter the global market with abundance of opportunities. Keeping in mind the level of students, ACE has diversified its courses in terms of beginners, intermediate and advance level.

Some of the distinguished features of ACE:-

  • A conducive to learning environment.
  • Professional & skilled trainers.
  • Interactive and psychological teaching methodology.
  • Tailor made course content.
  • Manageable course hours and timings to suit busy lifestyle.
  • Public speaking sessions to boost students’ confidence.

As English plays a vital role in everybody's career. Our mission is to provide students a specialized, high quality and sophisticated training at an affordable fee. We reckon, in this era of globalization proficiency in English paves the way for a bright future, in fact English itself is a career option.

Proficiency in English Communication is just one part, we focus on overall development of a student which includes Public Speaking, Interview skills, Personality development and special sessions to boost their confidence.

A big portion of Indian population doesn’t have access to professional qualification and that diminishes their chances of getting employed in MNC’s. But English gives them a great opportunity to grab a promising job in flourishing Retail and E-commerce businesses.

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